“Building Demand for the Arts” with Alan Brown

Two weeks ago, I attended “Building Demand for the Arts,” at Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. A presentation was given by renowned researcher Alan Brown. His session provided a wealth of insights and knowledge that are critical in today’s changing cultural landscape. I took notes, but it is worth watching the video (scroll to the bottom of the blog for the link to the video) – OK, maybe in a couple of sessions – it’s a long video!
Here is the link to the blog: http://drexelaaga.com/blog/


Getting Started on the Exchange of Ideas…


This is a fast and easy start to exchanging ideas “asynchronously.” The SCH Arts Council meetings must be too short to do justice to the quantity and quality of ideas, strategies and tactics that we will need to discuss in order to turn vision into reality.

So, let’s start posting our thoughts prior to Wednesday, January 8th in the Vidcast Studio, so that we can be prepared for a lively and productive meeting. Thanks, and we’ll see you then!

Ideas for Promoting the Arts at Fund Raisers…

Posters/Video of all arts faculty, including bios, examples of works, etc.

Live faculty and student performances — dance, comedy, drama, readings, music, etc.

Exhibitions of faculty and student works

Videos of SCH grads working in the arts, talking about the importance of arts education

Graphics depicting the disparity in funding for other areas, compared to the arts. With the dimension of the percentage of SCH grads who have careers in the arts.